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  • What Is Kinetic Energy?What Is Kinetic Energy?
    In one of our projects we are working on we have come down to a fundamental law of Physics, which

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Space Magnetics
3 months ago
We may have accidentally formed a protective bubble around Earth

Radio waves might help protect us from space weather.

3 months ago
SpaceX details plans to launch thousands of internet satellites

SpaceX and Tesla-founder Elon Musk has made some rather bold promises over the years. In addition to building a fleet of reusable rockets, an Interplanetary Transport System, colonizing Mars, and ... See more

3 months ago
NASA Is Developing 3D-Printed Chain Mail to Protect Ships and Astronauts

Chain mail was an essential tool for medieval warriors hoping to avoid a quick (or slow) death by a sword. But NASA engineers hope a similar material, with a few modern upgrades, could prove to be ... See more

3 months ago

Knew it

Colonists on Mars could one day 3D print their own tools out of dust.

3 months ago

The U.S. Air Force's robotic X-37B space plane has now been circling Earth for 700 days on its latest hush-hush mission.

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