Cool Facts about Space

The shortest distance between Earth and space is about 62 miles (100 kilometers) (327360 feet) straight up, which is where suborbital space begins.

The International Space Station is 249 miles up, speed is 4.76 miles per second and Costs 150 billion dollars.

The International Space Station orbits Earth every 90 minutes, 16 times a day.

Space is roughly 2.7 Kelvin (-270.45 Celsius, -454.81 Fahrenheit).

The moon is only 238,900 miles away, 4.53 billion years old and has a radius of 1,079 miles.

In space if two types of the same metal touch they become one. It’s called cold welding. This is because on earth the air and our atmosphere separate the metals. But in the vacuum of space they become fused together.

Halley’s Comet was last seen in the inner solar system in 1986, it won’t be around again until 2061.

The solar system is estimated to be 4.6 billion years old.

The only planet that rotates on its side like a barrel is Uranus. The only planet that spins backwards relative to the others is Venus.

More to come…as you know there are countless planets, countless miles, countless stars in the infinity of space. The numbers involved in the statistics of our universe is infinite. There is always an answer in numbers due to reductionism.

Reductionism is the philosophy that all psychology reduces to biology, all biology to chemistry, chemistry to physics, and finally physics to mathematical logic. Some answers we seek are represented in numbers.