Space Magnetics

Space Magnetics is developing technology to take space travel to an all new level. If you are old enough remember back in the 70’s and 80’s, NASA stood for something, NASA gave people a dream to explore the universe and expand beyond our little blue marble. Along the way we lost something, that thirst for innovation and exploration. One day in the future, countries, companies and people will work together to advance Space technology. We could get so far in just a few years if we focused together.

Today’s deadlines are too far in the future, you have statements from NASA that we will attempt to build a colony in Mars in the 2030’s. There is no need for it to take that long. We aren’t really trying if we need 20 years to plan a mission. We launched multiple missions per year in the 60’s. The space industry is again growing, we have private companies like SpaceX becoming the first private company to contract flights to outer space. Elon Musk the owner of SpaceX is truly brilliant and is working to help people on this planet and beyond. There are dozens of new and improved companies that will take the technology to a new level.  Companies like Boeing, Orbital Sciences, Virgin Galactic who are all specialized in different aspects but working together is some areas. Made in Space is an interesting company as they plan to bring 3d Printing into outer space. If we have a large enough 3d Printer and we can get it on the moon we could easily build houses and bases in no time with simple resupply missions. There are already 3d printers that can build houses. It is one of the most economically efficient ways to build parts and structures in Space. Lastly there are fields like asteroid mining that will become mainstream. Planetory Resources is leading the way with big names like Google’s, Larry Page and Director James Cameron.

Space Magnetics was birthed to help our youth dream again of Space. We hope to inspire everyone to imagine a world where we can visit multiple planets throughout our solar system. Not only do we hope to inspire people to cooperate in space exploration but to find peace here on Earth. This will be achieved by mankind, it’s not a matter of if but when. Space Magnetics will be joining those top companies soon and hopes to have a mission sometime in 2017. Thank you for your support.